ZeroBrane Studio for Vera is a lightweight Lua integrated development environment (IDE) with debugging support for Vera home automation devices (also known as MiCasaVerde or MCV).

The IDE is simple and instantly usable for beginners, yet feature-rich and extensible for experienced developers. It provides a powerful editor with code completion and syntax highlighting, a code analyzer helpful in finding errros and typos, and advanced debugger for debugging Lua scripts, scene events, and plugins running on Vera and VeraLite devices.

Using the debugger, you can set/remove breakpoints, step through the code, run Lua commands and update variables in the Remote Console, view the call stack using the Stack window, inspect variables using tooltips and the Watch window, and upload files to the device.

To save you time, ZeroBrane Studio for Vera shows you the results of print commands during debugging, which minimizes the use of device log files. If you still want to see the log content, it provides a convenient option to download the log file into a new editor window right in the IDE.

Feature highlights

brilliant. Well worth the investment. (JoeyD)

Using ZeroBrane is a breath of fresh air! I've gained more ground on the plug-in the past few hours than I had in the previous week. I attribute that to auto-completion and the ability to debug remotely; seldom ever leaving the IDE. (aechelon)

You ROCK!!! I'm simply amazed that this worked! I didn't expect to be able to debug [register_handler and variable_watch] event types! (Shawn C)

works really well... should be very helpful to people starting-out with Lua/Luup programming for Vera scenes and plugins. (RexBeckett)

Love the debugger, saving my life. (Troy Sandal)

I have been programming computers for about 35 years and I don't think I have ever seen an environment that is easier to get started with. (Adrian)

ZeroBrane Studio has got a working debugger, full IDE feature set, small footprint, and is completely customizable in lua. (Jonathan Shieh)