Cross-platform Windows, macOS, and Linux: your choice.

Auto-complete With auto-complete for Lua and Luup functions, spend less time typing and more time thinking.

Scope aware selection Select instances of a variable in the current scope with Ctrl/Cmd-DblClick. Type a new name.

Multi-file editing Keep as many files open as you need and navigate them using the file browser or the editor tabs.

Multi-cursor editing Select and edit at multiple cursor positions at the same time using Ctrl/Cmd-Click and Ctrl/Cmd-Select.

Instantly usable Ever opened a new tool and didn’t know where to start? ZeroBrane Studio for Vera includes scripts and instructions to get you started.

On-device debugging Debug your scripts as they run on the device.

XML file viewer View and edit your XML files before uploading them to the device.

File upload Upload files to your device without leaving your development environment.

Device restart and Log download Restart Luup engine and download LuaUPnP.log file from the comfort of your IDE.

Watch view The Watch view provides a convenient way to evaluate variables and expressions after every step of the debugger.

Project file browser Don’t worry about creating a new project, simply open a folder. The current file will be highlighted in the project tree (as long as it is in one of the subfolders).

Pretty printing If using luup.log() and for k,v in pairs(tbl) do print(k,v) end works for you, you will not have any use for the integrated pretty printing of Lua values when using print or the interactive console.

Stack view The Stack view provides not only the call stack with function names, but also presents all local variables and upvalues for each of the stack frames. You can even drill down to get values of individual elements in tables.

Interactive console Want to test something quickly? Run your luup commands in the console with full access to your application state and all variables. You can execute code fragments and change variable values without restarting your application.

brilliant. Well worth the investment. (JoeyD)

Using ZeroBrane is a breath of fresh air! I've gained more ground on the plug-in the past few hours than I had in the previous week. I attribute that to auto-completion and the ability to debug remotely; seldom ever leaving the IDE. (aechelon)

You ROCK!!! I'm simply amazed that this worked! I didn't expect to be able to debug [register_handler and variable_watch] event types! (Shawn C)

works really well... should be very helpful to people starting-out with Lua/Luup programming for Vera scenes and plugins. (RexBeckett)

Love the debugger, saving my life. (Troy Sandal)

I have been programming computers for about 35 years and I don't think I have ever seen an environment that is easier to get started with. (Adrian)

ZeroBrane Studio has got a working debugger, full IDE feature set, small footprint, and is completely customizable in lua. (Jonathan Shieh)